Personality Development

Bibliography of Published Empirical Articles

The WUSCT and its recent adaptation, the SCT-Y, have been used in more than 350 empirical studies comprised of thousands of respondents of varying ages (ranging from age 7 to age 77). These studies address a wide range of issues, including gender differences in maturity, personality (typology), attachment representations, psychosocial maturity, emotion expression, moral development, (ethnic) identity, self-image complexity, coping and ego resiliency, depression and suicide, social fears and anxiety disorders, delinquency and antisocial behavior, adolescent risk taking, health related behaviors, pro-social behavior and peer relations, parenting style and family contexts, managerial performance, and a host of other variables.

Numerous studies of adolescents and young adults have included the WUSCT (and more recently the SCT-Y) and the latter research has considerable relevance for studies addressing key aspects of adolescent and adult development, including Arnett’s recent construct of ‘emerging adulthood’.

NB. The bibliography is restricted to materials published in readily accessible sources; it does not refer to unpublished papers or doctoral dissertations. Articles with a very brief or single reference to Loevinger’s developmental model are not included either.

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