Personality Development

Personality Development: Late Childhood through Late Adulthood


Welcome to the homepage of the Personality Development website.
This website has been designed to serve as a forum and clearinghouse for research using Loevinger’s Washington University Sentence Completion Test (WUSCT) and Westenberg’s Sentence Completion Test for Youth (SCT-Y). Both instruments are based on Loevinger's theory of personality development and provide a broad index of social and psychological maturity based on assessments of impulse control, time perspective, cognitive complexity, conscious preoccupations, and perspective taking.


More than 350 published studies have employed the WUSCT and SCT-Y. These studies have generated a large body of research related to a variety of topics. This website provides an up-to-date bibliography of journal articles, chapters and books related to the WUSCT and SCT-Y (the most recent publications are listed separately).

Current Research inventory

The website also provides an inventory of current research using the WUSCT and SCT-Y (including studies conducted in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and elsewhere). An overview of the clinical relevance of both instruments is included here as well.

FAQs, authors and announcements

The website also addresses frequently asked questions regarding the developmental theory and the scoring of the WUSCT and SCT-Y. Finally, the website provides a list authors and announcements of and (including in-press publications and relevant conferences and workshops).

To submit references for the bibliography, or information on your line of research, or to submit announcements, please use the forms provided on the concerning webpages. For additional comments and questions please send us an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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